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Protect your home or business from fire and burglary when you turn to the experts at Audio Video Data, Inc. and AVD Security for security systems in LaGrangeville, New York. With a combination that includes surveillance cameras, hardwired and wireless systems, and monitoring, we'll help you protect your assets. Our fire and burglar alarms will keep you informed right away. Licensed NYS Monitoring Service under Dan T AVD Security Inc. 12000261934.

Professional Installation

Our security system installation services cover both new construction and existing structures, with installation time depending on the type of construction and the size of the job. We offer a variety of surveillance cameras and other tools to ensure your property is well-monitored. With our video system solutions, you can see when danger comes your way so you can react fast. Contact us for a consultation, and we’ll help you design a security system that fits your needs.

Whole Home Monitoring

When you choose a security solution from Audio Video Data, Inc. and AVD Security, know that your home is protected 24-hours a day. All of our systems include complete monitoring services to give you peace of mind even while you are away from your home. If and when an alarm is triggered, our monitoring team will inform you right away.

Additionally, our modern security solutions provide online access to a live feed or captured footage of your home camera system. This means you can monitor your home or property from wherever you are.

Wireless Solutions

In addition to offering traditional hardwired security solutions, we also provide a number of wireless systems. Going wireless means you can set up sensors and cameras throughout your home without the need for extra cabling. This is perfect for security systems spread over a large house, and allows for greater coverage when compared to standard systems. Plus, the elimination of obvious wiring is more aesthetically beneficial to your home overall. To learn more about the advantages of a wireless security system, or to have one installed in your home, reach out to our office. Our team is always happy to answer any of your questions and provide you with the assistance you require.

Let us work with you

Whether its a home or office, reach out for a FREE consultation!