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Your Home Smarter
with Control4

As a licensed Control4 Professional Installer, we can unlock your home's full potential to make it conform to your needs.

Lighting as smart as you

No need to run around your house anymore to make sure you turned off all your lights before you leave or getting that light level just right before starting a movie.  Get the control you want with your voice or at your finger tips.

Unified Control Interface

Whether your house was wired with poor design or you are tired of the ritual of covering the entire square footage of your home to turn off everything; Control4’s Navigator will give you governance over everything in your home from Security to Shades on one screen.

Entertain easier

Whether you are streaming your favorite music from Spotify or you want to punch up a home movie from your own library, Control4 can make this seamless integration work with several different platforms.

No two control4 installations are alike

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